Day 18 of the Indian military siege: 22 August 2019

The news and communications blockade continues. Some land lines work intermittently and allow brief conversations of less than a minute with family and friends. Hospitals are running out of basic medicines and doctors are prevented from going to work. The total number of Indian troops in Kashmir is now one million. The UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights has issued a statement calling on the Indian government to “to end the crackdown on freedom of expression, access to information and peaceful protests” and expressed concern about “reports that security forces were conducting night raids on private homes leading to the arrests of young people.”


Newsclick (220819): Srinagar, Kashmir: The Protests and Seige of Soura

Mudasir Ahmad, The Wire (220819): Kashmir Running Short of Life Saving Drugs as Clampdown Continues.

Mia Holmgren, Dagens Nyheter (220819): ”Kashmirs befolkning lever under ockupation”

Cristina Tardáguila, Poynter (220819): Fact-checkers in Kashmir: What they saw (and felt)

Jalees Andrabi, AFP (210819): We won’t give an inch’: India faces defiance in ‘Kashmir’s Gaza’.

The Wire (210819): The Truth Behind Government’s ‘No Casualty’ in Kashmir Claim (video)

Kaisar Andrabi, The Wire (210819): Ground Report: Why Most Kashmiri Children Are Keeping Off School.

Indian Express (210819): Hyderabad: Complaint against reporter’s ‘anti-national’ post on J&K.

The reporter, Rehana Begum of NTV, had in her post described the “pain” of Kashmiris “in shackles” following the lockdown in J&K. She later deleted the post.

Jalees Andrabi, AFP (210819): Kashmir families demand answers for ‘unaccounted for’ deaths.

The medical report seen by AFP said she “had inhaled toxic gas from a tear gas shell” and that a possible cause of death was a “toxic lung injury”.

CNA (200819): Teens swept up in night raids in Kashmir clampdown

Commentary and Analysis

Nishita Trisal, The Washington Post (220819): India must stop weaponizing the pain of Kashmiri Pandits

Payal Dhar, The Independent ( 210819): History tells us the Kashmir crisis will be particularly dangerous for women – so why aren’t we talking about it?

Goldie Osuri, The Conversation (210819): Kashmiris are living a long nightmare of Indian colonialism.

Tariq Ali, The New York Review of Books (130819): Kashmir on the Edge of the Abyss Tariq Ali in The New York Review of Books


UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (220819): UN rights experts urge India to end communications shutdown in Kashmir

Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) Chair, House Armed Forces Committee (210819): “I am committed to the protection of basic human rights and equal rights in the disputed territories of Jammu and Kashmir in India – read more in my statement.”


TRT World (220819): “At least 50-60 armed men came and took my son and beat him up.”

This video is from Buchpora Mehmoodaabad in #Kashmir is 19 Aug 1:40 am. A child is arrested and the women of the house are running after him.

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