The Kashmir Scholars Consultative and Action Network is an interdisciplinary group of scholars of various nationalities engaged in research on the region of Kashmir. Our research on the Kashmir conflict addresses its history, its consequences for the region and beyond, and its possible resolution. It examines the implications for an internationally mediated political solution, and is of relevance to policy makers.

Our Values

Kashmir Scholars Consultative Action Network (KSCAN) is a voluntary group of scholars and researchers nominated by peers, who are intellectually engaged with Kashmir. KSCAN is committed to the generation of research and scholarship in service of a just and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir conflict, a resolution centered on the experiences and aspirations of all the peoples of the historic state of Jammu and Kashmir. 

KSCAN scholars use strongly-grounded evidence, historical and current analyses, critical methodologies, and rigorous scholarship towards enabling informed, reasoned and productive debates about contentious issues – issues that are contentious precisely because they entail historically inequitable power differentials and resultant struggles. We are committed to promoting inclusive narratives, perspectives, experiences, and aspirations of all the Indigenous peoples across different regions of the historic state of Jammu and Kashmir.  We feature Kashmiri* experiences and voices in our work, as the perspectives and desires of Kashmiris are routinely overlooked in policy deliberations and popular debates by existing nation-states. KSCAN members include scholars and researchers from the humanities, social sciences, sciences, and other professional fields. Our collective expertise derives from our training in multiple disciplines, and we believe that such interdisciplinary thinking is necessary for understanding the complex and dynamic situations that routinely unfold in Kashmir. 

KSCAN scholars adhere to the professional  ideals of evidence, critical analysis, and academic rigor in scholarship and research, having published widely in peer-reviewed journals. KSCAN scholars uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct of research, which include, but are not limited to, protecting marginalized individuals and groups.

KSCAN members abide by their values and execute their work under the most difficult of circumstances, as on-the-ground research is not only difficult, but also routinely thwarted by state forces. Since our writing draws attention to the historic oppression of the Kashmiri people, our member-scholars’ academic freedoms are routinely under threat from ethnonationalist and supremacist individuals and groups unsettled by our members’ critical scholarship and research. We often face targeted online harassment.  We nevertheless remain committed to generating knowledge that advances transformative and just political processes and outcomes for all Kashmiris. 

*Kashmiri refers to all the peoples previously known as the state subjects of the historic state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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