Day 21 of the Indian siege: 25 August 2019

“Valley in total paralysis” for three weeks now: The shutdown has been going on since 5 August, with most services, business and shops closed.

News from inside Kashmir is very limited as communication blockade is still ongoing with internet services and mobile networks still down. Some landlines in some areas seem to be operating during short intervals.

The curfew is still in place in large part of Kashmir; it has been eased in some areas in rural Kashmir and Srinagar to and from last couple of days – though reports state that they were tightened on Friday (23 August 2019) after calls for demonstrations to UNMOGIP office. The roads to the UNMOGIP office remained blocked.

Protests took place on Friday (23 August 2019) in different parts of Srinagar.

The Civil Secretariat in Srinagar failed to hoist the Jammu and Kashmir flag for the first time in 67 years today.

At least three deaths are reported due to asphyxiation from tear gas when Indian troops fired tear gas shells into houses. Indian troops have been firing tear gas and chili powder into homes for years, besides smashing windows. Injuries from pellet guns are reported, along with the arrest of those injured if they seek treatment in hospitals. Many of the injured are staying away from hospitals for this reason.

In Soura neighborhood, residents have blocked the streets against army patrols to prevent them from seizing children.


Peerzada Ashiq, The Hindu (250819): Kashmir’s Civil Secretariat lowers separate Jammu and Kashmir flag after 67 years

Arun Sharma, The Indian Express (250819): ‘My children are there, I’m here…’

News 18 Kashmir Dispatch 11 Valley Running Out of Medicines With No Fresh Supply Coming, Say Doctors

Ishtiaq Ahmed Shauq, The First Post (240819): Adivasis and the Indian State: Facing govt apathy and discrimination, Kashmir’s Gujjar Bakarwal tribe struggles to preserve nomadic way of life

Ishfaq Naseen, The Telegraph (240819): ‘It took us days to even find out he was dead’ – Kashmiris blocked from burying the dead as India reimposes unprecedented curfew

The Wire (240819): Delegation of Opposition Leaders Sent Back from Srinagar

The New York Times (230819): India’s Move in Kashmir: More Than 2,000 Rounded Up With No Recourse

Adnan Bhat, TRT World (230819): India’s clampdown and communication blackout destroys Kashmir economy

Shahnaz Bashir, Time (230819): The Indian Government Insists All Is Well in Kashmir. But As the Communications Shutdown Continues, Its Citizens Are Struggling to Reach the Outside World.

Soumya Shankar, Foreign Policy (230819): Kashmiris Won’t Stay Silent Forever

Karan Deep Singh, Ahmer Khan, Neil Collier and Ben Laffin , New York Times (August 2019): What’s Happening in Kashmir? Our Cameras Contradict India’s Official Story

Elyse Samuels, The Washington Post (230819): Kashmir: The Indian government vs. the facts on the ground (230819) More Than 150 Tear Gas, Pellet Injury Cases at Two Srinagar Hospitals

Commentary and analysis

The Citizen (250819): 21 Days of Curfew – ‘Where Even Stones Weep’

Ahmer Bilal Soofi, Jamal Aziz, Muhammad Oves Anwar, Ayesha Malik and Shayan Ahmed Khan, Research Society of International Law (August 2019): Legal Memorandum:The Status of Jammu & Kashmir under International Law

Sumaiya Shaikh, Amit Gupta and Rajiv Kumar, The Print (240819): Lancet has always written on conflict zones & health. Why should Kashmir be an exception?

Shubh Mathur, Foreign Policy in Focus (220819): This time, the world is watching in Kashmir

Fozia Nazir Lone, TRT World (230819): The BJP has marched into a legal bind over Kashmir’s accession to India

Ahmed bin Qasim TRT World Kashmir: ‘On social media, a majority of Indians are celebrating our pain’


Rep. Pramila Jaypal (D-WA) “Deeply troubled by reports of Indian Govt’s arrests of 2,000 in Kashmir.”

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Chair of the House Intelligence Committee “The situation in Kashmir remains deeply concerning”

National Education Union NEU, UK “The NEU stands in solidarity with people of Kashmir against heightened militarisation, violence and information black-out.”


Kashmiri woman shares the problems they are facing with Rahul Gandhi as Indian journalist tries to prevent her from speaking (Urdu)

“They arrest anyone who steps outside the house. My brother is a heart patient, he went outside to look for his kids. He was taken away and his family didn’t know his whereabouts for ten days…we are tormented in every way.”

BBC Hindi reporting from Soura neighborhood. No subtitles, no translation needed. The people have blocked the streets against the Indian army and keep watch round the clock to stop them from arresting children.

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