Commentary and analysis

Binish Ahmed, The Conversation (080819): “Call the crime in Kashmir by its name: Ongoing genocide”

Dibyesh Anand, Foreign Policy (080819): “Kashmir Is a Dress Rehearsal for Hindu Nationalist Fantasies”

Mona Bhan, Al Jazeera: “International community must raise self-determination – cannot trust Indian democracy & judiciary”

Mona Bhan, Haley Duschinski and Goldie Osuri, OpenDemocracy (140819): The international community must intervene on Kashmir Kashmiris need self-determination, not military occupation.

Emma Brännlund, Svenska Dagbladet (080819): ”Sverige får inte vara tyst om övergreppen i Kashmir”

Nitasha Kaul, Foreign Policy (130819): Kashmir Is Under the Heel of India’s Colonialism

Goldie Osuri, The Conversation (210819): Kashmiris are living a long nightmare of Indian colonialism.

Nishita Trisal, The Washington Post (220819): India must stop weaponizing the pain of Kashmiri Pandits

Ather Zia, Al Jazeera (050819): “There is reason to fear for the safety of every Kashmiri in India”

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