Day 15 of the Indian military siege: 19 August 2019

Today is the 15th day of the Indian military siege of Kashmir 

While the government claims that some landlines have been restored, very few people have been able to connect to their families and close friends in Kashmir. AFP reports over 4,000 arrests and prisoners are being moved to Indian prisons because the jails are overflowing in Kashmir. Curfew and restrictions have been reimposed following protests on Saturday. Reports are emerging of torture, and the few who are able to report from the ground are receiving  threats on social media from Indian internet users. Genocide Watch has issued an alert for Kashmir. 

Reports from the ground: lockdown, protests, torture, raids on homes by Indian army personnel

British Medical Journal (190819): “Kashmir communications blackout is putting patients at risk, doctors warn”

The Telegraph (190819): Wanted, private space to detain Kashmiris

“The administration is now facing an acute shortage of space for the detainees and has been forced to rent guesthouses and vacant private houses and turn them into makeshift detention centres.”

Intelligence Bureau Officer quoted in The Telegraph.

Basit Zargar, The Citizen (190819): Schools open in Kashmir without students – in pictures 

Muzaffar Raina, The Telegraph (190819) “Iron fist in rural Kashmir”

Times of India (190819): Criminal complaint filed against Shehla Rashid under sedition charges

The Wire (190819): Army, Shehla Rashid Lock Horns Over ‘Torture’ Charge

Parvaiz Bukhari, AFP (180819): 4,000 detained in Kashmir since autonomy stripped: govt sources

Fahad Shah, The Atlantic (180819): ‘News From Here Doesn’t Go Out’: Kashmir Simmers Under Lockdown

Basit Mahmood, Metro (180819): There have been daily protests since August 5, when the Indian government revoked the region’s special status.

The Wire (180819): Restrictions Reimposed in Srinagar After Protests, Clashes With Police

Zeba Siddiqui and Fayaz Bukhari, Reuters (170819): Several injured in Kashmir in clashes with Indian police 

Aditya Menon, The Quint (170819): Kashmir: How Govt Gathered Massive Data Before Article 370 Move


Binish Ahmed, The Conversation (080819): “Call the crime in Kashmir by its name: Ongoing genocide”

At the UN Security Council 

Devirupa Mitra, The Wire (180819): In a First, Russia Talks of UN Resolutions on Kashmir


Committee to Protect Journalists Urges India to Uphold Press Freedom in Kashmir

Genocide Watch: Current Alerts: Kashmir 

Editorial, The Lancet (170819): “Fear and uncertainty around Kashmir’s future”


The Kashmir Syllabus from Stand with Kashmir 

Experts on Kashmir from Stand with Kashmir 


CodePink Petition:Tell the UN Security Council to oppose the Indian occupation and blockade of  Kashmir and to facilitate a path to self-determination for Kashmiris

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