Letter to Prime Minister Modi from the Law Society of England and Wales

The Law Society of England and Wales , a professional body representing more than 180,000 solicitors in England and Wales has expressed grave concern regarding the arrest and detention of Mian Abdul Qayoom, President of the High Court Bar Association of Jammu and Kashmir. The Law Society respectfully urges the relevant authorities to :

  1. Immediately release Mr. Qayoom, in the absence of charges brought against him on the basis of sufficient and credible evidence in proceedings that comply with international fair trial guarantees;
  2. Pending his release, to ensure the physical and psychological well being of Mr. Qayoom in correspondence with international standards regarding detention conditions, including by providing him with the medical care he requires, as well as access to legal counsel and visitation rights; and
  3. Permit Mr. Qayoom and other members of the legal profession in Kashmir to carry out their profession without intimidation, harassment or improper interference.

Read the whole letter here

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