Day 9 of the Indian military siege: 13 August 2019

The lockdown that started on 5 August is still ongoing: mobile networks, broadband services, and landlines are still down and news are still limited.

Curfew is still ongoing in many places.

Majority still unable to access basic services.

Public transport is not working and road blocks still in place.

Emergency services, such as ambulances, are still not in operation.

Both doctors and patients have trouble reaching hospitals and healthcare providers.

Hospitals are also reporting shortages, with some medicines running out by the end of the week.

A small number of ATMs have been opened in some areas, though often during short periods of time.

Most shops and banks have remained closed.

Fear of food shortages is expressed by many observers and locals.


Shaswati Das, Livemint (130819): Kashmir struggles to cope with communication curbs

Indian Express (130819): Kashmir in lockdown: Exclusive Express photos from the Valley

Al Jazeera (130819):  Kashmir: Srinagar a maze of razor wires and steel barriers.

Radio Free Europe (130819): Pakistan Wants Emergency UN Meeting On Kashmir.

Azhar Farooq and Vidhi Doshi, The Guardian (130819): The crisis in Kashmir.

Margaret Owen, The Guardian (130819): UK must help the ‘half-widows’ of Jammu and Kashmir.

Zeba Siddiqui and Fayaz Bukhari, Reuters India (130819): Authorities lock down Srinagar on Eid holiday

Zubair Sofi, The Wire (130819): In a Ravaged Kashmir, One Woman’s Fight to Give Birth

Haroon Janjua and Hugh Tomlinson, The Times (140819): Unified Kashmir dream fades for families torn apart by border conflict.


Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada:

“Canada continues to closely follow developments in Jammu and Kashmir. In recent days, I have spoken to many Canadians—including Canadians of Kashmiri descent who have family in Jammu and Kashmir—about this important issue. Like them, Canada is concerned about the risk of escalation, infringements on civil rights and reports of detentions. We encourage meaningful discussions and consultations with affected communities. We call on all parties to maintain peace and stability along the Line of Control and in the region.”

69 human rights activists and organizations sign letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

“We strongly believe that for India to be able to continue to define itself as a democracy it must allow public discourse and debate on #Kashmir”.

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