Day 5 of the Indian military siege: 9 August 2019

As of the fifth day of the Indian military takeover of Kashmir, the Valley remains cut off, prisons are overflowing, patients are dying because ambulances cannot get through to the barely-functioning hospitals and protesters are being injured and killed by Indian forces. While Indian televisions channels and reporters roam freely with the help of the army, all Kashmiri newspapers and television channels are shut down, there is no internet or mobile phone services, and no landlines. The communications blockade is nearly complete. 

This is a compilation of the day’s best news and analysis, including many media appearances by KSCAN members. 


Nitasha Kaul on Newsnight BBC

Dibyesh Anand in Foreign Policy: “Kashmir Is a Dress Rehearsal for Hindu Nationalist Fantasies”

Emma Brännlund in Svenska Dagbladet: “Sweden must not be silent about the abuses in Kashmir”

Global News Canada features Idrisa Pandit: ‘A total blackout’: Kashmiri-Canadians unable to contact relatives since India cut internet

Goldie Osuri on Al Jazeera 

Ather Zia interview on BBC

Ather Zia on Al Jazeera: “There is reason to fear for the safety of every Kashmiri in India”

Mona Bhan on Al Jazeera: “International community must raise self-determination – cannot trust Indian democracy & judiciary”

Inshah Malik on BBC: “India is trying to thwart the peace process in Afghanistan”

Hafsa Kanjwal in Washington Post: “India’s settler-colonial project in Kashmir takes a disturbing turn”

A.G. Noorani in Huffington Post: “Kashmir: Scrapping Article 370 “Unconstitutional”, “Deceitful” Says Legal Expert A.G. Noorani”

Suhrith Parthasarathy in Times of India: “An exercise of executive whim: Negation of Article 370 in J&K doesn’t stand up to constitutional test, strikes at federalism”

Aman Sethi in Huffington Post: As Kashmir Is Erased, Indian Democracy Dies In Silence”


Bloomberg: “Article 370: India is making a mistake in Kashmir”

LA Times: “India’s power grab in Kashmir puts a volatile region at risk of conflict and violence”


International Commission of Jurists:  “India: Ending autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir fans flames of existing human rights crisis”

Rafto Foundation Norway: “We are deeply concerned for the Rafto Laureates in Kashmir”

Amnesty International, PUDR, PUCL and more: Statements and reactions to the move by Indian government to revoke Article 370 on J&K special status


Fahad Shah in Time: ‘Anxiety Fills the Air.’ What It’s Like Inside Kashmir When All Communication With the Outside World Is Cut Off

Siddharth Varadarajan on Pellet Blindings a Reminder that on the Ground, Kashmir’s ‘Special Status’ Continues

Kaisar Andrabi in Huffington Post India: Kashmir: Government Using Pellet Guns To Suppress Protests

The Leaflet: Article 370 : Lawyer from Kashmir challenges President’s order on J&K

Azaan Javaid in Don’t come home for Eid, a Kashmiri mother tells her son on a one-minute phone call

Sheikh Saaliq in AP News: Kashmir’s streets silent as people’s despair and rage grow

BBC News: Kashmir dispute: Hundreds detained as anger grows

Aditya Menon: ‘This is Like 1984’: Punjab Upset Over ‘Injustice’ in Kashmir

Kumar Majumdar and Aliya Iftikar for Committee to Protect Journalists: In Kashmir, obstruction, confiscated equipment, and hand-carrying stories and photos on flash drive 

Scroll.In: Listen: TM Krishna recites poet Agha Shahid Ali’s ‘Postcard from Kashmir’

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